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  • Hacking Your Subconscious Mind: How to Solve Problems in Your Sleep

    What if there were a tool that you could use to solve problems, come up with unexpected solutions and drive creativity? What if I told you it will cost you nothing and requires very little effort to use?

    The subconscious mind is an incredibly powerful tool but few take advantage of it.

    Your subconscious works throughout the day when you are both awake and asleep but takes over entirely when you sleep. Free from the interference of daily life and external stimuli, at night your subconscious mind has nearly all the resources of your brain at its disposal. With the subconscious mind dominating such a large portion of your life, you need to put it to work.

    Thomas Edison once stated, "Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious."

    Here's how to make that request:

    1. Get a journal, or prep a notes app on your phone.
    2. Before going to sleep, take a few minutes to think about and write down the things that you want to accomplish.
    3. Ask yourself questions about your goals and how to achieve them. What's stopping you from moving forward?
    4. Develop a few very specific questions and write them down.
    5. Lock these in by repeating them and consciously making the request to solve them to your subconscious.

    While sleeping, your subconscious mind will get to work, approaching the problems from a variety of angles and making connections that may hold the answers to your problems.

    Upon waking:

    1. Grab your journal or notes app, and "thought dump" from your subconscious mind. Write your thoughts and feelings freely.
    2. Write down your dreams, they may hold the answers you were looking for.
    3. Page back to the questions you wrote down the night before and write down your answers.

    A few hours after you write everything down, look back at your notes again and try to derive some meaning out of them. You may find clarity and insights that may have been more difficult to discover while awake. Thanks to your subconscious mind, you'll have some new angles from which you can pursue the solutions you've been seeking.

    When you are faced with a dilemma, know that you already have the solution within you. All that you need to do is draw it from your subconscious mind. Once you learn how to unlock the power of your subconscious mind, you'll have a powerful tool ready to go to work while you rest and recover. Using the thought-dumping method, you can improve your ability to solve problems and better utilize the time that you spend peacefully sleeping.

  • Forbes - This Smart Pillow Will Stop Your Partner's Terrible Snoring

    As seen in Forbes.


    ZEEQ Smart Pillow

    Can’t sleep? You’re not alone.

    One-third of Americans report that they usually get fewer than the recommended hours of sleep, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

    Given how important sleep is for our health and well-being, it was only a matter of time before someone developed a tech-based solution to a good night’s rest. And while there’s now a lot of sleep-tracking technology out there, there’s nothing quite as comprehensive as ZEEQ.

    Created by the active lifestyle bedding brand REM-Fit, ZEEQ is an innovative smart pillow that not only tracks your sleep, but automatically intervenes in the night to help you sleep more soundly. The product raised over $400,000 on Kickstarter when it first launched, but can be now be purchased online for $199.

    On the outside, ZEEQ looks just like a large pillow. It comes with a washable, branded pillowcase and is attached to a small, white remote. Inside, however, it’s jam-packed with technology that includes eight miniature Bluetooth speakers, adjustable memory foam pieces, a decibel-tuned microphone that monitors snoring, two adjustable vibration motors, and a three-axis gyroscope that tracks motion while the user is asleep.

    (Related: Best Pillows For Side-Sleepers)

    The self-proclaimed “world’s smartest pillow” has many features that promise a better night’s sleep: it plays music; it monitors and reacts to your snoring; it tracks and analyzes your sleep; and it wakes you up at the ideal point in your sleep pattern.

    Perhaps the most useful part of the technology is how partner-friendly it is. ZEEQ has eight built-in speakers through which you can stream music, podcasts, TV, or audiobooks. You can only hear the speakers when your ear is pressed against the fabric, so it won’t disturb your partner on the other side of the bed. For those who need some sort of sound to fall asleep, this also means no more getting tangled up with headphones while trying to catch some z’s.

    Even while you’re sleeping, the pillow continues to work. Any music shuts off (as long as you toggled the sleep function) so that it doesn’t keep playing all night long. If you begin to snore, the pillow’s two motors gently vibrate, encouraging you to roll over into a position where you’ll stop snoring.

    ZEEQ determines the optimal time in your sleep cycle to wake up (within a period of time pre-set by the user), at which point you can use the app to review your real-time snoring, rest and sleep scoring data. Over time, the app (available on iPhone and Android) can even make suggestions for how to improve the quality of your rest. No counting sheep required.

  • Lack of Sleep is Killing You, Here’s How to Fix it

    Whether you’re aiming for a personal best in an upcoming marathon, working on your golf game, or creating a digital marketing strategy for your business, you’re not at your best without good sleep.

    On the physical side, sleep is when we repair and build muscle tissues after a hard workout. On the mental side, it’s when we organize thoughts and commit them to memory. As such, insufficient sleep prevents us from getting the most out of our diet and exercise routines, learning new skills, and retaining important information.

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  • 10 sleeping habits that are sabotaging your chance at a good sleep

    As seen in Business Insider.

    • Habits like staying up late, using electronics, and drinking before bed all can wreak havoc on your sleep cycle.
    • INSIDER spoke with several sleep experts to find out what habits are most harmful to getting a good night’s sleep.

    Millennials, on average, sleep more than any generation before them, according to data compiled by the US Department of Labor.

    But if you’re sleeping the recommended eight hours a night and still feeling tired throughout your day, a deeper issue may exist and your bedtime routine could be the cause.

    INSIDER spoke with several sleep experts to find out which habits could be hurting your sleep cycle.

    View As: One PageSlides

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  • What hardware works with IFTTT?

    Excerpted from Andriod Central.

    All the things that can talk to all the things using IFTTT.

    IFTTT is an awesome service that lets smart things talk to other smart things. Even if the two smart things don’t speak the same language!


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  • Tough Time Sleeping Next to Your Partner? These Technologies Might Help

    As seen in the Wall Street Journal.
    ZEEQ Smart Pillow The pillow detects snoring through built-in microphones and raises the sleeper’s head in real-time to help nix the noise.
  • 18 “Smart” Things That Can Take Us to the Year 3018 – Cetus News

    As seen in Cetus News
    While we all wait for the new iPhone to be released, scientists demonstrate truly cool inventions that can change our life right now. A mind-reading tool, a bag that changes its color automatically depending on the color of your clothes, and a watch powered by your body heat are all real things that you can buy now!

    4. A pillow that sings lullabies and doesn’t allow you to snore

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  • Binaural Beats and Brainwaves

    Binaural beats are the physiological process of sending different sound frequencies to each ear at the same time. This process was first discovered by Prussian physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in 1839. However, it wasn’t until 1973 that Dr. Gerald Oster introduced binaural beats to the mainstream with his paper titled “Auditory Beats in the Brain.” Since then, binaural beats have been studied at great length and the results are very positive with many proven benefits like improved sleep.

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  • GQ – All The New Tech That’s Upgrading Your Sleep Routine


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  • How to Win Spring Cleaning

    When planning your spring cleaning, you need to place a priority on your bedroom. This is because you rely on your bedroom to provide you a peaceful, restful, and (most importantly) allergen-free place to sleep and rejuvenate. Without this sleep enhancing environment, it will be harder to perform at your best.

    Spring Cleaning Your Bedroom to Achieve Optimum Sleep

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  • ZEEQ on Fox & Friends – Going to Bed with These Could Make You Sleep Better

    Read more and watch the video at The Cyber Guy’s site.

    Zeeq Smart Pillow

    Inside this generously sized standard pillow are eight speakers, a microphone, gyroscope and battery surrounded by memory foam comfort filling. The pillowcase is washable, but don’t let a dumb move to the washing machine happen to this smart pillow. While this is made for a home sleep environment, I couldn’t help wonder how great it would be when traveling on long-haul flights. I get the benefit of sleeping with noise canceling headphones when onboard but wake with sore ears from the headphones pressing into my noggin. If you have snoring spouse, this could be the perfect solution. Zeeq nudges a snorer with a subtle vibration when it detects snoring which helps with switching positions without waking. Zeeq Smart Pillow $199

  • Sleep: The #1 Way To Fight Colds and Flu


    As the saying goes: “There’s no cure for the common cold.” While it’s true that a number of remedies can ease symptoms, for the most part, you’re stuck waiting it out.

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  • TechCrunch – The ZEEQ smart pillow tracks sleep, plays music and more

    As seen in TechCrunch

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  • REM-Fit Partners With TGen In New Study

    REM-Fit has announced a partnership with leading neuroscientists at the non-profit Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) in Phoenix, Arizona, to merge DNA analysis with sleep quantitation driven by data from REM-Fit’s ZEEQ Smart Pillow.

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  • NTDTV – Technology Guardian Health New York Electronics Show Smart health products eye

    Read more at NTDTV.

  • 5 Morning Rituals for Success

    With all the responsibilities life piles on us, it’s imperative to hit the ground running the moment we wake up. Unfortunately, a less than ideal morning routine can lead to a sluggish start, and by lunchtime, we’re hopelessly behind on our task list.

    For better results, we suggest a set of healthy daybreak habits that can help maximize productivity. Following are our top 5 morning rituals:

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  • The best sleep tracking tech 2018

    Excerpted from T3


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  • Editor’s Pick Award, the best products of 2017

    Excerpted from Gadget Gear

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  • Review: REM-Fit Sleep 400 Mattress Review

    Excerpted from WhatCulture



    A mattress is a strange thing to review being that, unlike most essential items in your house, the user experience hasn’t changed since… well, since they were invented. You find a bed you like, place it in the bedroom and then adorn it with something soft to sleep on.

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  • 15 Useful Tech Gifts for Women

    Excerpted from Crooked Brains

    Looking for the best tech gifts for women? Look no further; we have the most ‘Useful Tech Gifts for Women’ from all over the world.

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  • Post Holiday Health and Recovery

    The months after the holidays are a great time to reexamine personal wellness. From nutrition to exercise to stress management, everything is fair game when formalizing our annual New Year’s resolutions.

    Come January, however, many people hit the gym 110% and set unreasonable “cold turkey” diet goals, only to burn out and be back to old habits by Valentine’s Day.

    Instead, we often are better off with a sensible post-holiday reset that can be sustained and built upon as the year progresses.

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  • The ultimate last minute gift guide for presents people will actually like

    Excerpted from Vancouver is Awesome

    ZEEQ Smart Pillow

    Perfect for the insomniac in your life or anyone who just loves sleeping. This special pillow has built-in sensors that track movements, sending data to your smartphone to help you keep tabs on your sleep quality. It even detects snoring and vibrates to make you change your sleeping position. It also comes equipped with built-in speakers to allow you to enjoy audio books, sleep music, and more without disturbing your partner. Find out more here.

  • Rem-Fit Sleep 400 Mattress – 5 reasons we love this

    Introducing the Rem-Fit Sleep 400 Mattress, the mattress that has six layers of engineered and universal comfort to enhance sleep and recovery.

    Did someone say enhance sleep? Anything to get a better night’s sleep is a good thing, right? Anything that promotes recovery is a good thing, right? Maybe Rem-Fit Sleep 400 Mattress is the mattress we’ve have been waiting for?

    Here are 5 reasons we love this

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  • Urban Milan Holiday Gift Guide

    REM-Fit ZEEQ® Smart Pillow

    Give the gift of a restful night’s sleep with the ​REM-Fit ZEEQ® Smart Pillow! ZEEQ is the smartest pillow you will ever meet! Not only does it stream music, it tracks your sleep, provides sleep analysis and features a music sleep timer. If you are a snorer – this pillow will be your best friend- it will gently vibrate to encourage you to change positions to open constricted airways. You can also set an alarm to wake you at the optimal time in your sleep cycle. ​Not only does this pillow have so many amazing features, it is also comfortable. It is woven from soft, hypoallergenic fibers that inhibit bacteria growth and offer moisture-wicking temperature control and it is over-stuffed with memory foam filling that can easily be removed for personalized comfort! Price: $199.99
    ​Where to Buy: Here


    Excerpted from Nerd Rage News

    Overall, I dig this pillow. After two weeks of use, I seem to be sleeping more soundly and waking more easily. So while I do have issues with a few things, the overall package seems to deliver as they claim. To be honest I am surprised at this and will continue to use this pillow for a while to see what other things I can discover about it.

  • Luxurious Comfort Giveaway


    The entry period has ended. Check back at for more giveaways.

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  • Best Pillow to Stop Snoring

    Excerpted from the Paper Blog

    ZEEQ Smart Pillow, Stop Snoring, Sleep Tracker, Sleep Music, Alarm Clock and ZEEQ App

    Since the market is teeming with smart pillows, it would be unfair to complete this snoring pillow review without reviewing at least one of the best pillow to stop snoring that features smart technology.

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  • Fastweb – Gadgets and wearable to improve the life of Parkinson’s patients

    Excerpted from Fastweb


    Sleep disorders and circadian cycles are among the first symptoms of Parkinson’s to appear in sick people. Zeek is a smart cushion that, using motion sensors and high-precision microphones, is able to monitor sleep cycles and help patients sleep more smoothly. The cushion, in fact, records nocturnal movements and noises, then advises on when to sleep and when to wake up: Within a few days, sleep cycles will begin to become more regular, allowing the person to sleep longer and rest more.

  • Holiday Gift Guide 2017: For the Home

    Holiday Gift Guide 2017: For the Home

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  • Photos: The 12 most unlikely places to find next-level technology

    10. Your pillow

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  • ZEEQ, The Anti-snoring Smart Pillow That Streams Music and Tracks Your Sleep


    With many intelligent accessories now available for the smart home, the Amazon Echo is no longer the only must-have device; there are now other tech favourites like the ZEEQ smart pillow.

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    ZeeQ Smart Pillow
    Pillows are usually a personal preference but this pillow streams music and analyzes your sleep. I found it to be a bit on the firm side, but the upside is that I could listen to music through this pillow. Wireless speakers stream music and you can choose the ZeeQ app for sleep tracks. Motion sensors detect when to wake you as it monitors your personal sleep cycle. You can set a sleep timer through the app so the music will automatically turn off. It also has a remote control and a removable pillowcase made of wood fibers to prevent bacteria.

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  • Technology could be the answer to better sleep

    Excerpted from Fox 13 News

    For anyone who thinks all they need is a better pillow, the smart pillow by Zeeq gently vibrates to quiet snoring and soothes you back to sleep. It also can link up to your playlists or audio books and log sleep patterns. It costs about $300.

  • Thanksgiving Mattress Giveaway

    This promotion has ended. Be sure to check back on our site and follow up on social media for the lastest!


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  • The problem with trusting AI to diagnose sleep disorders

    Excerpted from Venture Beat

    A look into the future

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  • How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

    Holiday health can be a challenge. For most of the year, we have an easier time managing the foods we eat, our exercise schedule, as well as maintaining a routine that offers ample time for rest and recuperation.

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  • How to Prep Your Home for the Holidays

    If you have holiday guests this season, you need to do more than just wash the sheets. Being a great host means providing comfortable living conditions, so your visitors feel at home. You also want to provide a clean and healthy sleeping environment, while protecting your family from any contaminants your guests may have brought in from the airport, taxi cab, or wherever their travels have taken them.

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  • REM-Fit 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

    REM-Fit breathes new life into this year’s holiday season by delivering the gift that truly keeps on giving: a good night’s sleep.Whether a mattress or accessories designed to complement the mattresses and pillows that your loved ones already own, REM-Fit products harness cutting edge technology to ensure rejuvenating slumber.

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  • Review: ZEEQ Smart Anti-snore Pillow

    Last summer, the family was done with my chin. At the CES in Las Vegas there were several startups with anti snoring solutions. From caps to braces and even a complete ‘connected’ bed. Zeeq seemed the most acceptable solution; a pillow that’s vibrant when you snore. One month ago we received the first copy to test. The results are surprising!

    Read the full review at Gadget Gear.

  • 10 Good Habits for the Heart

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  • ZEEQ Smart Pillow – Launches in Best Buy Canada

    Excerpted from Novo

    Just over a year after bringing ZEEQ Smart Pillow to life through a successful Kickstarter campaign, the REM-Fit team announces that ZEEQ is now available for preorder on The smart pillow will also be available in 35 Best Buy Canada stores for Christmas.

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  • Emily Reviews – REM-Fit Sleep ~ A Mattress Review

    Emily Reviews – REM-Fit Sleep ~ A Mattress Review

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  • A pillow that can tell if you’re snoring, and other weird sleep innovations

    Excerpted from The Daily Herald Business Ledger

    The next-generation pillows

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  • Tech makes it to bedroom

    Excerpted from The Journal Gazette

    We’ve all been told that unplugging – putting our phones away and turning off the television at least 30 minutes before going to bed – is better for our sleep, productivity and overall health, but many of us are ignoring the recommendation. We aren’t just sleeping in our beds; we are also working, eating, checking email and watching television. Companies have responded by creating innovative products for the bedroom that meet our need for comfort and convenience. Here are some of the top trends and newest products.

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    Excerpted from Get Green Be Well.


    When we heard what the ZEEQ by REM-Fit Smart Pillow did to promote better sleep, we were kind of skeptical. Yet after using it, we’ll agree that this pillow is kind of amazing! It’s my husband’s new favorite pillow, and my sister really wants one now, too.

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  • This pillow can tell you’re snoring (and other weird, cool sleep innovations)

    Excerpted from the Washington Post.
    The next-generation pillows

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  • REM-Fit Sleep 500 Mattress Giveaway

    This promotion has ended. Keep an eye out for the next one at

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  • Generation Woke: the latest technology to help you get a good night’s sleep

    Excerpted from the Evening Standard

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  • Workouts That Will Improve Your Sleep

    Exercise offers many wonderful benefits including improving one’s mood, weight management, increased muscular conditioning and bone health, reduces the risk of chronic diseases and more. There’s also another important aspect of our lives that exercise can benefit – sleep. Research shows that exercise can actually improve one’s sleep quality and help people to feel less tired throughout the day. In addition to the impact exercise has on sleep, getting a good night sleep can also have a positive impact on exercising. It’s a synergistic relationship that can really improve the overall quality of one’s life.

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  • How Sleep Technology Can Improve Your Life

    Sleep deprivation is considered a public health problem as an estimated 40 million American adults are reportedly not getting enough sleep. With roughly 1/3rd of all American adults experiencing sleep issues, it’s no wonder that tech companies have sought to remedy these problems and meet the demands of a large population in need. Through a variety of different sleep technology products and devices, those suffering from sleep issues can not only identify and improve their sleeping habits, but they can also improve the overall quality of their lives.

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  • What is REM?

    Sleep is a complex process including sleep cycles like REM, where we are unconscious, but our brain remains very active. Sleep is also a vital part of our daily life as it helps our bodies to feel rested and rejuvenated, heal, improve moods, can prevent health ailments or diseases and helps our brains process new information.

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  • The Ideal Bedroom in 4 Steps

    The ideal bedroom is one that creates a perfect sleep environment. In order to accomplish this, there are four key areas to address: automation, comfort, lights, and atmosphere. Each one of these areas is vital to a good night sleep so that you can wake up in the mornings feeling rested and energized. To create, convert or remodel your room into the ideal bedroom, check out the following tips:

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  • Activity and Sleep Tracker Buying Guide

    With all the benefits that a sleep tracker can provide, from helping you achieve better health, to enjoying more energy and focus, the real decision is what’s the best sleep tracker for you.

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  • The Rem-Fit Memory Foam Mattress With Protect-A-Bed Is An Awesome Sleep Combination

    My teen’s mattress was getting quite old. I think it was 10 years old or maybe older as we had received it from a friend. To make my teen’s mattress comfortable, we bought an egg crate mattress topper. The egg crate topper made it a bit more comfortable. I really was not looking to replacing the teen’s mattress as he was going off to college in a year so I did not feel a need. His old mattress is training for those uncomfortable college dorm mattresses that he will be soon sleeping on.

    Read more at Mom Knows Best.

  • Companies Target Sleep Quality With With High-Tech Sleep Products

    Pillows that track your snoozing patterns? A bed that adjusts based on how much you twist and turn? Companies are adding more technology into their products, hoping to lure customers craving a better night’s sleep.

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  • Sound & Vision – Sleeping with Apps

    Given S&V’s penchant for speakers, I decided to lay down with the ZEEQ Smart Pillow by REM-Fit. The pillow (26.5 x 16.75 x 5.5 inches) embeds eight wireless speakers (four on each side), a microphone, two vibration motors, a three-axis gyroscope, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (affording about two weeks of usage), and a wired remote.

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  • Memory Foam Pillow Buying Guide

    Perhaps one of the most talked about pillows in recent years is the memory foam pillow. Whether you love them or want to learn more, it’s important to know that memory foam pillows come in a variety of densities, designs and types of foam. For a complete look at the types of memory foam pillows available, read our guide below.

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  • Mom Does Reviews – Rem-Fit the Active Lifestyle Bedding #Review

    Do you have an active lifestyle, but not getting the rest you need? You need to try Rem-Fit Active Lifestyle mattress!

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  • Sleep 400 Memory Foam Mattress Topper Giveaway


    This giveaway has ended. To be among the first to learn about our next one, join our mailing list below.

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  • Sleep: The Secret Weapon for Scholastic Success


    As summer comes to an end, many parents are scrambling to buy school supplies, shop for clothes, and figure out how to work all those extracurricular activities into their family’s busy schedule.

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    I was given a Zeeq smart pillow, which helps control one’s snoring, has built in speakers, completes a deep dive sleeping analysis, has a partner friendly alarm and a battery that lasts 2 weeks. I’ll be writing more about this product soon, so stay tuned. You can learn more about the Zeeq smart pillow on their website and purchase the pillow for $299 there.

    Read more at Ask Dave Taylor

  • Summer 2017 Editors’ Picks


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  • H&TT – REM-Fit expands shop-in-shops

    Protect-A-Bed division plans to operate 30 shops by year-end

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  • Furniture Today – REM-Fit, by Protect-a-Bed, Outlines the Benefits of a Brand Store

    REM-Fit, by Protect-a-Bed, outlines the benefits of a brand store

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  • Memory Foam Mattress Buying Guide

    Memory foam is a polyurethane substance developed by NASA in the 1960’s. Originally designed to improve the safety of aircraft seats and cushions, scientists discovered that it had other practical applications, which led to the public release of this revolutionizing substance in the 1980’s. Once in the public domain, memory foam skyrocketed in popularity and would go on to be used in numerous commercial industries. Today, memory foam is most popularly seen in pillows and mattresses due to its energy absorbing and elastic properties that allow it to mold to the body and provide an unparalleled comfort.

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  • Daily Mail – The $299 smart pillow that could give you (and your partner) a better night’s sleep: ZEEQ can stop snoring, wake you gently and track sleep patterns


      • The smart pillow can connect to your smartphone, apps, and Amazon’s Alexa
      • Inside, it has 8 wireless speakers, motors, and binaural audio wave technology
      • It also contains a gyroscope to track your movement throught the night


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  • Learn about ZEEQ in 360 degree video:

  • Mirror – How to stop snoring: 7 of the best ways to help you or your partner and the causes to why we snore

    A new pillow which has a built-in soundsystem has been invented to play music for you to hear as you doze.

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  • Chicago Tribune – Sleep gadget market wide awake


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  • The New York Times – Zzzzzz: Sleep Gadgets Adjust if You’re Restless _ or Snoring

    NEW YORK — Pillows that track your snoozing patterns? A bed that adjusts based on how much you twist and turn? Companies are adding more technology into their products, hoping to lure customers craving a better night’s sleep.

    Read more at The New York Times.

  • TODAY Show – Can high-tech gadgets help Americans get better sleep?

    Americans struggling with the quality of their sleep shelled out more than $43 billion on sleep aids and technology last year. Now, various companies including Zeeq, iLuv and others are claiming their high-tech gadgets can help us catch more and better shut-eye. NBC’s Jo Ling Kent reports for TODAY.

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    This smart pillow tracks tossing and turning, provides a “SleepScore” via app and includes speakers inside that let you fall asleep to music or podcasts without disturbing your bedmate.

     More at Access
  • JerryRigEverything – This Smart Pillow costs $300 Dollars!?!

    This smart pillow supposedly helps stop snoring, track your sleep, play music, and works as an alarm clock. Pretty impressive. It’s time to tear down the super expensive pillow and see what it is actually made of.

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  • KSL – 7 innovative gadgets changing the way people sleep

    Zeeq Smart Pillow

    While the Zeeq smart pillow may look like any other memory foam pillow out there, it’s stuffed full of sensors, vibrating panels and small speakers, designed to optimize your sleep. It will play wireless music, analyze your sleeping patterns and wake you up with a “partner-friendly alarm,” among other things.

    Read more at KSL.

  • Read IT Quik – Offbeat IoT Devices for 2017

    Smart Pillow by REM-Fit: As if the smart mattress was not enough, REM-Fit has come up with the Smart Pillow, ZEEQ. It plays music, monitors sleep levels and habits, and has snore control.

    More at Read IT Quik

  • HFN – REM-Fit’s Smart Pillow Receives a Product Design Silver Award

    CHICAGO—The ZEEQ Smart Pillow From REM-Fit earned a silver award in International Design Awards’ 2017 product design competition, as well as a second prize in the competition’s Home Interior Products section.

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  • MSN – How to stop snoring: 7 of the best ways to help you or your partner and the causes to why we snore

    Hi-Tech Pillows

    A new pillow which has a built-in sound system has been invented to play music for you to hear as you doze.

    Called Zeeq, the pillow can play music to help you fall asleep, monitor and react to your snoring. The system, called REM-Fit Audio, lets you stream music wirelessly, selected from an IOS, Android Music or Spotify source, or even Zeeq’s relaxing playlist.

    The pillow is available at Amazon and more information check out our page on the high tech pillow.

    Read more at MSN.

  • Furniture Today – ZEEQ smart pillow wins International Design Award

    REM-Fit’s ZEEQ smart pillow was launched by Kickstarter campaign last July.

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  • CRN – 15 most unusual IoT-devices

    Smart cushion ZEEQ

    REM-Fit company decided it would be cool – to connect to the Internet pillows, and came up with ZEEQ – a pillow that allows to listen to music, will not snore and will analyze your sleep rhythms. Sounding Balloon in music will help you fall asleep quickly, or you can listen to music for meditation or audiobooks with built-in Bluetooth-nine speakers with superb sound quality. There is also a built-in microphone, which will hear your snoring during sleep and turn on vibrate, prompting the change body position. Power electronics gives the entire battery capacity of 5000 mAh. Sama pillow – soft foam, and sleep on it – a pleasure.

  • The Best Indoor Plants to Help You Recover Better

    What simple change can you make that will provide long-lasting improvements to your health, and help you recover and rest better? Adding the best houseplants to your bedroom can not only clean the air, but add oxygen, and even aromatherapy benefits. While there are many options on the market, below are our top picks, some are even backed by NASA research.


    Improve Your Sleep

  • Wall Street Buzz – 6 best smart pillows in the world – smart pillows that help you get better sleep 2017!!

    How you wake up just may be the most important part of your sleep, and these Smart Pillows wants to make sure you’re doing it correctly.
    These Smart Pillow will not only keep your head comfortable and cozy, but will also be an active participant in your sleeping routine.

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  • Snoring HQ – The ZEEQ Smart Pillow: A Comprehensive Review

    If you suffer from snoring, the pillow you use can make a significant difference. With the right anti-snoring pillow, you can enjoy a better night’s sleep and reduce snoring during the night. This can prove invaluable to you and to anyone else sharing your room.

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  • Creative Mother’s Day gift ideas for tech savvy moms

    Any mom needs her sleep and the Zeeq smart pillow streams music to help her doze off, has a built-in alarm and will monitor how she slept and saves that information in an app on her phone. The Zeeq smart pillow is $300.

    Read more at WPSD.

  • Armando Ferreira – This SMART Pillow Costs $300 Dollars!!!

    ZEEQ Smart Pillow now features both a 5-click and auto sleep functions. These eliminate the need to initiate sleep mode with your phone. Set-up auto sleep in the ZEEQ app, and start sleep via the remote by quickly clicking the “Q” five times. Find out more about ZEEQ at

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  • Benefits of sleeping on a smart pillow

    What if your pillow could be more than just fluff or feathers that you rest your head on at night? What if your pillow was an active participant in your sleep? Now, there’s technology to do just that. Smart pillows, such as ZEEQ by REM-Fit, are designed to not only monitor your sleep patterns but analyze them to improve your sleep.

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  • The Harrison Review – My pillow’s smarter than your pillow

    If you’ve been wondering what to do with all that extra cash you’re so sick of, I hope you hightailed it over to the Luxury Technology Show last week in Chelsea. Otherwise, you might not be aware of some of the must-haves coming soon, or already upon us, like the smart pillow.

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  • REM-Fit wants to realize ZEEQ, the most comfortable smart pillow to date

    Going to sleep is a blessing — especially for those who have had spent their energy the entire day. Tossing and turning on the bed all night long is nobody’s cup of tea for sure. Taking sleeping pills is not an option for everyone, and in the long term, it is not good for one’s health, too. If you have seen shrinks in order to sort out your issues in life and yet are unable to doze off when your head hits the pillow, maybe you can give this particular Kickstarter campaign a go. REM-Fit has recently announced the ZEEQ, which is the most sophisticated and comfortable smart pillow.

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  • Creating a morning routine

    Do you find mornings to be the hardest part of your day? Are you envious of people who are clearly morning people?

    Mornings can set the tone for your entire day, so creating a routine can be critical to help you get started on the right foot. We have tips and tricks to creating a morning routine that will help you rise and shine with the best of the morning people.

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  • Globe Advisor – The World’s Most Sophisticated & Comfortable Smart Pillow: ZEEQ is Now Available to Purchase in the UK


    LONDON, March 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —

    After an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign and North American launch, the anti-snoring, music streaming, ZEEQ smart pillow has now arrived in the UK.

    (Photo: )

    Our highly advanced and unique pillow promises deep and undisturbed sleep. With no more struggles to switch off, no more waking up feeling groggy, and best of all, no more horrendous snoring!

  • Huffington Post – Best Tech Products of CES 2017

    ZEEQ Smart Pillow – I never thought a pillow would be one of the most talked about products at CES. This smart pillow is designed to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. So many people have problems with snoring and insomnia so a product like this makes sense as it fits a real need. The ZEEQ pillow by Rem-Fit encourages smarter sleep by monitoring and analyzing sleep cycles, responding to the data it collects and providing insights on how to improve sleep. It has supportive and adjustable memory foam and a durable Tencel pillow case. ZEEQ tracks your data on an app and shares suggestions based on your tracked nightly patterns and habits to improve overall sleep quality.

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  • Sports Illustrated – 5 dreamy gadgets that will help you sleep better

    If you're having trouble getting some zzz's or simply trying to get better quality sleep each night, look no further. As science has evolved, so have the gadgets that utilize that knowledge. From alarm clocks to pajamas that help you recover after a tough workout, to a tech-savvy pillow, we've rounded up five devices that will help you next time you crawl into bed.

    Read more at Sports Illustrated.

  • TIME Magazine – 5 Dreamy Gadgets That Will Help You Sleep Better

    It feels like a normal memory-foam pillow, but this one is stuffed with sensors, vibrating panels and tiny speakers all designed to improve your rest. When you snore, it gently buzzes to nudge you into a new position, and it wakes you to music only you can hear. Come morning, the app spits out a rundown of your night’s activities: how much sleep you got, how much (and how loudly) you snored and more. Get it now

    Read more at TIME.


  • HFN – Rem-Fit Unveils Innovative Smart Pillow at Las Vegas Market

    HFN Fashion Editor Andrea Lillo interviews Rem-Fit Smart Pillow co-inventor Miguel Marrero about the cutting edge technology inspiring the company’s new product introductions.

  • CNET – The ZEEQ Smart Pillow

    This smart pillow vibrates when you snore to get you to change positions.

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  • Wifi pillows and smart hairbrushes make CES a botnet dream



    Smart Pillow

    Eventually, everyone needs to sleep. For as long as there have been humans, those humans have managed to get some shut-eye without sending information to the internet. But fortunately, those dark ages are over. Thanks to the Zeeq Smart Pillow, spotted at CES, it’s possible to rest your head on a little bundle of internet every night.

    “What if your pillow could be an active participant in your sleep, rather than just a dumb rectangle,” intones Warrick Bell, the co-inventor of the Zeeq pillow. What if indeed! The pillow features eight speakers, a 3-axis motion sensor, and a tiny microphone—so that it can play soothing music, record your snoring, and detect your movements while you sleep. The pillow, which can also wake you up with a gentle vibration, successfully raised $400,000 on Kickstarter last summer.

    Read more at Popular Science.

  • CNET – ZEEQ Smart Pillow Segment on CNet Live CES

    Smart Pillow: ZEEQ™ on CNET Live!

    Miguel Marrero from REM-Fit sits down with CNET Live to demo ZEEQ: The World’s Smartest Pillow. Comfort, custom audio and deep insight, ZEEQ will change the way you sleep, every night.

  • Chicago Tribune – Year in crowdfunding 2016: The internet’s favorite projects from Chicago

    The Zeeq smart pillow allows for streaming of music through built-in Bluetooth speakers, analyzes sleep, monitors and reacts to snoring, and wakes users.Those features appealed to Kickstarter and Indiegogo backers, who pledged more than $452,000 to the project combined, which had a $50,000 goal. Prices for the pillow started at $149.

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  • How to cool down after a hard workout

    So you finished your daily workout. Now what? The cool down is an essential part of any fitness routine. Without a proper cool down, you’ll have a harder time reaching your goals. Here are some ways to cool down after a workout.

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  • Seven foods to avoid before a workout

    Have you noticed that some of your workouts feel more comfortable than others? Perhaps you notice feeling bloated or fatigued only in half of your workouts? Feeling ineffective during a workout can relate to the foods you choose before you get to the gym. Here are seven foods to avoid before your workout.

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  • How to make the most of summer

    Summer officially kicked off this week. For many, it’s time for traveling, relaxing and taking it a little slower while spending more time with friends and family. For those of us who are hoping to take advantage of warmer weather, longer days and being outside, here are some tips to help make the most of the season.

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