About Us

Because everyone deserves an active, healthy lifestyle.

At REM-Fit, we are committed to supporting an active healthy lifestyle. Everyone deserves to be healthy, and we’d like to see everyone empowered to achieve that goal, no matter where they start. As part of this mission, REM-Fit is proud to partner with charitable organizations and community fundraising through our program, REM-Fit Cares.

Simple Math.  We keep it simple. REM-Fit Cares donates a full 50% of sales from REM-Fit.com/cares to our partners.

Transparency.  We’re not talking “50% of profits after costs and expenses.”- we mean our partners receive a complete and honest half of the sale price, without having to pay us a cent. With REM-Fit Cares, participants can be confident that the undiminished contribution amount goes directly to the organization or fundraiser.

Support.  A good cause is never too small. REM-Fit Cares offers the same full support, no matter the size of the organization or fundraising event.

Select one of our partners below to learn more and give to that organization.  If you want to learn more about being a REM-Fit Cares Partner, email us at cares@rem-fit.com.