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To active sleep mode and begin earning SleepPoints, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the SleepPoints page
  2. Make sure you REM-Fit Active is charged and securely in the wrist band.  
  3. Click on the Start button in the top window to change your REM-Fit Active from Active Mode to Sleep Mode.  A timer will begin counting your sleep time.  You will see your REM-Fit Active is now displaying SleepPoints (or shows blue lights when tapped on the REM-Fit Active 100).
  4. Sleep
  5. Upon waking up, click the Stop button in the top window to change from Sleep Mode to Active Mode
  6. The REM-Fit Active will send your sleep data to the server
  7. The REM-Fit Active servers will send your sleep results back to the REM-Fit Active app and display a graph of your sleep, your SleepPoints and a breakdown of the time spent in each sleep class.



To create your REM-Fit Active account please follow the steps below:

  1. Download the REM-Fit Active app
    • iPhone:       rem-fit.com/iphone
    • Android:    rem-fit.com/android
  2. Open the app and click the SignUp button
  3. Enter all of your personal details on the next 3 pages
  4. Connect your REM-Fit Active device with your account
    • Click the 'Find' button to deach for REM-Fit Active devices
    • Select your REM-Fit Active device from the list
    • Press the 'Sync' button when prompted
    • If the sync doesn't complete the first time, simply press the sync button again
  5. The REM-Fit Active app will go to the ActivePoints page and sync one more time
  6. You will see an overlay that explains the features of the app.  Tap to clear the overlay
  7. Enjoy your new REM-Fit Active!



If you have a new or upgraded device, you will need to associate your new REM-Fit Active with your existing account.  You will pair the device inside the REM-Fit Active app.  Here is how you do that:

  1. Sign in to the REM-Fit Active app with your existing username and password
  2. Click the settings menu button (the 3 stacked lines in the top left of the screen)
  3. Select "Settings" then "Device Settings" from the menu
  4. Click on the Find button (the magnifying glass icon)
  5. Select your REM-Fit Active from the list
  6. When prompted, click the Sync button.

Once complete, your new REM-Fit Active will now be associated with your account.


Your REM-Fit Active was shipped from our facility in a hibernated state to conserve battery and allow you to use it right out of the box.  To “wake” it up, simply put the REM-Fit Active into the USB charger and plug it into any powered USB port. When you see the REM-Fit Active logo (or the lights beginning to blink on the REM-Fit Active 100), your device is ready to use.

If you have the REM-Fit Active 200 and placing the device into the charger doesn't wake the device, you may need to "Touch Wake" the device.  To do so, simply hold the left side of the device (the side with the two copper pins) for 10-20 seconds.  You will see a progress bar begin to fill.  Continue to hold the device until it fills up and you see the REM-Fit Active logo.  Here is a video of how that looks:



Sometimes, the REM-Fit Active may get ‘stuck’ in the wrong mode.  If it is in the wrong mode, you may not be able to properly track SleepPoints, or you will not be able to get any ActivePoints, steps, etc.

Below are directions on how to get your REM-Fit Active back to normal.  You will need to know which device you have before we continue.

REM-Fit Active 100 - Silver device with 3 LED lights

REM-Fit Active 200 - Black device with a touch screen OLED Display

Once you know your device type, you will need to know what 'mode' it is in.  

ActivePoints (Active Mode)

REM-Fit Active 100 - Tap the device 3-5 times quickly.  If the device blinks green lights, you are in ActivePoints mode.

REM-Fit Active 200 - Tap the face of the device.  If you can see the time, ActivePoints, steps, distance, etc., you are in ActivePoints mode.

SleepPoints (Sleep Mode)

REM-Fit Active 100 - Tap the device 3-5 times quickly.  If the device blinks blue lights, you are in SleepPoints mode.

REM-Fit Active 200 - Tap the face of the device.  If you can see the time and SleepPoints you are in SleepPoints mode.

Switching Modes


If you are in the wrong mode you can switch back to the correct mode in the REM-Fit Active app.  BEFORE you switch the mode manually, please check the SleepPoints page in the REM-Fit Active app. If you still see a counter and your REM-Fit Active device is also in SleepPoints mode, just click the STOP button and you should switch back to normal.  However, if you are in Sleep Mode on the REM-Fit Active device, and the SleepPoints page in the REM-Fit Active app shows a START button, you can proceed with the Manual Mode Change.  

You can find the Manual Mode change option in the REM-Fit Active app settings (the 3 stacked lines in the top left corner of the REM-Fit Active app).  In the settings menu, click the settings tab, then scroll down to 'Manual Mode Change' and tap it.  From there you will be able to switch the REM-Fit Active to the correct mode. Be sure you are only switching modes if you are 'out of sync' with your SleepPoints or ActivePoints mode or your REM-Fit Active will not operate properly.

If none of the above topics solve your issue, and you would still like to contact us, please click here for options on how to contact us. Thanks!