Introducing the New REM-Fit Sleep Monitor Nothing to Wear / Analyze Your Sleep

What is the REM-Fit Sleep Monitor?

The REM-Fit Sleep Monitor is an incredibly thin strap that lays across your bed. While you sleep it monitors your heart rate, respiratory rate and motion. It's incredibly accurate sensors give you an amazingly comprehensive look at the quality of your sleep - without having to wear any devices!



Heart Rate: The REM-Fit Sleep Monitor incredibly accurate sensors will measure your heart rate while you sleep. You can see your heart rate data in the free REM-Fit Sleep Monitor app.

Respiratory Rate: How well you breathe at night can affect your sleep. The REM-Fit Sleep Monitor not only shows you the quality of your breathing, but can alert you in the free REM-Fit Sleep Monitor app if there are any potential irregularities.

Motion: How often do you toss and turn at night? The REM-Fit Sleep Monitor will show you each time you move and even if you leave bed.

Sleep Score: The REM-Fit Sleep Monitor will analyze all of your data from your sleep to give you a sleep score based on how long you slept, your heart rate, respiratory rate, motion and more. Tap on your sleep score in the free REM-Fit Sleep Monitor app and you can get a full account of the factors that make up your score.

30 Day Battery: The extra-long lasting battery in the REM-Fit Sleep Monitor means you don't have to plug it in each night. Just charge it up while you wash your sheets and you are all set.

The App

The free REM-Fit Sleep Monitor app for iPhone and Android is where you will see all of your data.
The free app is required for use of the REM-Fit Sleep Monitor.

Your Sleep Score is an easy way to see how well you slept. At a simple glance you can also see your total time asleep as well as your average nightly heart rate, respiratory rate and how long it took you to fall asleep.


Scrolling down from the Sleep Score will reveal even more detailed information. You can see individual graphs and stats for your sleep. You can pinch and zoom into the graph for even more detail.


After a few nights the app will show your sleep trends. This is useful in helping you to make daily changes to better your sleep.

Setup is Simple!

Setting up your REM-Fit Sleep Monitor is quite simple.

  1. Slide the magnetic cap off the REM-Fit Sleep Monitor
  2. Place the REM-Fit Sleep Monitor across your mattress. Put it about where the center of your back would be when you are in bed.
  3. Cover with your fitted sheet.
  4. Return the magnetic cap to the REM-Fit Sleep Monitor. If the light is green, you are ready to go, if it is red or not illuminating at all, simply charge the device.

That's it! Now you can begin learning more about your sleep without having to wear any kind of device on your body.

Click below to download the REM-Fit Sleep Monitor Manual

Click below to download the REM-Fit Sleep Monitor Brochure

Warranty & Support

The REM-Fit Sleep Monitor comes with a 1 year warranty against any manufacturing defects. Additionally, we offer free chat support for the REM-Fit Sleep Monitor on as well as via email at Click here to download the REM-Fit Sleep Monitor Warranty.

You can also find support tips, videos and help for all of the REM-Fit Sleep Technologies at